Below are a number of resources that you might find useful:

Join ARRL or Renew your Membership

Click here to become or remain part of the ARRL family.

Find a Ham Radio Club near You

Ham radio is an exciting hobby and service on its own, but it’s even more enjoyable alongside good friends and mentors. Click here to search for a ham radio club in your area, and visit them. They may be filled with other enthusiastic hams, or you might have particular knowledge of ham radio to offer them as a resource.

Find a nearby Hamfest / Convention

Hamfests, swapfests, and conventions are fantastic events for buying/selling/trading new and used ham radio equipment, gaining knowledge in technical forums, upgrading your license, visiting with new and old ham friends alike, and so much more. Click here to search for a hamfest, swapfest, or convention in your area.

Planning a Hamfest? ARRL can help.

Hamfests are an intregal part of what makes Ham Radio exciting. Equipment can be bought or sold, new and old friends are met, and everyone has a wonderful time. If your group or club is planning a Hamfest, be sure to get it sanctioned by ARRL, which provides you with prizes, handouts and other support. Click here for helpful Hamfest guides, and to sanction your upcoming event.

Participate in an on-air Contest

Contests bring about a fun of ham radio that is not found elsewhere. Whether you want to test your operating skills, greatly improve them, or just enjoy a weekend on the airwaves, there’s a contest literally every weekend that awaits you. Click here to learn about upcoming contests.

QSL Bureau Information

QSL bureaus bring convenience to sending and receiving QSL cards across the world. The incoming bureau is available for use by all Hams (Click here for more information on the incoming bureau), and the outcoming bureau is available for use by ARRL members (Click here for more information on the outgoing bureau). 73 and good DX!

Earn operating Awards

Awards are a fun part of ham radio. Earn one for making your very first ham contact, for communicating to every US state, or for contacting 100 foreign countries. There are numerous awards that you can earn, simply through being active on the airwaves. Click here for an overview of operating awards sponsored by ARRL.

Find a Nearby QSL Card Checker

It’s time to get those QSL cards checked to apply for an award or earn your next endorsement.  Click here to find a DXCC card checker, WAS card checker, or VUCC card checker in your area.

ARRL Net Directory

Nets, or on-air meetings, take place every day across the country on virtually every Ham band to pass traffic or for socializing. ARRL maintains a list of known nets that can be searched by any Ham. Click here to find out what net awaits you today.

Special Event Stations

Special event stations are put on the air to commemorate a person, place or thing, whether current or historic. Generally every special event station offered a handsome QSL card or certificate when contacted on the airwaves. Click here to learn what special event stations are planning to be on the air. Organizing a special event station of your own? Click here to promote it.

Find a nearby Ham Radio License exam session

Ready to take your first ham radio license exam, or upgrade your current license to gain more frequency privileges? Click here to search for an exam conducted by ARRL-VEC volunteers near you.

Become a Volunteer Examiner

Help people in your community earn their first ham radio license or upgrade by becoming a Volunteer Examiner (VE). Little else offers the same satisfaction of shaking the hand of a person who just joined the exciting world of ham radio. Click here for information on joining the ARRL-VEC.

Volunteer Examiner Resources

Already a VE? Thank you for your service. Click here for an abundance of resources to help make your job easier.

ARRL Field Organization Volunteering Opportunities

The ARRL couldn’t exist without members and volunteers to make things work at the local level. As a member, you are invited to get involved as an ARRL volunteer to help make your Ham community more enjoyable! Click here to learn of the opportunities.

ARRL Volunteer Counsel Program

The Volunteer Counsel Program was developed to provide a better means of tracking and, when necessary, opposing local ordinances and statutes that might have a detrimental effect on the Amateur Radio Service and League members. Click here to find a VC in your area or, if you are a practicing lawyer with relevant experience, apply to become a VC.

ARRL Volunteer Consulting Engineer Program

The Volunteer Consulting Engineer Program provides assistance to amateurs who may need to meet structural requirements set forth by local zoning authorities.  Click here to find a VCE in your area or, if you are a practicing engineer with relevant experience, apply to become a VCE.

Renew your License

Don’t let that hard-earned ticket of your expire. Click here to learn how easy your renewal will be, and we’ll see you on the air another 10 years.

FCC Forms

Renewing your license? Applying for a vanity call? Taking your first Ham exam? Click here for all the FCC forms you’d need.

ARRL Technical Information Resources

Got questions about antennas? Interested in running your shack via solar power? Curious about RFI? ARRL maintains an extensive collection of information on a variety of everyday topics encountered in Ham Radio. Click here — a wealth of information awaits.

Repeater Coordination

Congratulations on placing your repeater on the air for Hams to use. Before flipping the switch, be sure to make arrangements with your local frequency coordinator to avoid possible interference issues.

Frequency Coordinators:


New Mexico:



FCC Part 97 Regulations

Part 97 — we studied from them, and we live by ’em while on the air. Click here to browse the regulations.